Our Commitment To Sustainability


Turner Road Preschool is committed to reducing our impact on our local and greater environment. We aim to reduce our waste through composting, as well as removing all single use products from our learning environment. We encourage both our children, and families to reduce their consumption of single use items to benefit our community. 


At TRP, we are dedicated to the principle of embracing reuse as a fundamental aspect of our learning environment. We actively encourage the reuse of various materials, fostering resourcefulness, creativity, and sustainability within our community. By promoting the practice of reuse in our everyday activities, we aim to instill in our children and their families a deeper appreciation for reducing waste and making environmentally responsible choices that benefit both our immediate community and the planet as a whole.


At Turner Road Preschool, we actively practice recycling as an integral component of our educational approach. We not only recycle but also teach our children the importance of responsible waste management. This commitment extends to our learning environment, where eco-friendly practices are seamlessly integrated into our daily activities. Our primary objective is to equip our students and their families with the knowledge and habits required to foster a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Our current initiatives

Milk Bottle Garden

Our milk bottle vegetable gardens embody creativity and sustainability within our play area. We transform discarded milk bottles into lively mini-gardens, teaching children the art of upcycling and nurturing plants. This hands-on experience fosters environmental responsibility, connecting our students with nature and instilling a lifelong passion for gardening.

Worm Farms

We proudly maintain worm farms as part of our sustainability efforts. These farms not only serve as valuable teaching tools for our children, but they also allow us to share nutrient-rich worm juice and castings with our families, empowering them to enrich their home gardens with organic goodness. Together, we cultivate a deeper appreciation for nature and foster greener, more vibrant communities.


We’re passionate about upcycling at Turner Road Preschool, where we turn trash into treasures. Our initiatives include repurposing materials like cardboard boxes into imaginative play structures and creating art from reclaimed items. These projects spark creativity, resourcefulness, and eco-consciousness in our students, enriching their educational experience and empowering them to make sustainable choices.