Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to nurture your child's growth by creating an environment that fosters curiosity, exploration, and holistic development.

Staffing and Ratios

Our lower educator-to-child ratio of 1:6 allows the opportunity for your child to be supported in their investigations and inquiry learning. Educators will build on your child’s prior knowledge,  through their interests. 


Our Curriculum

Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences, carefully planned by highly qualified staff to enhance and maximise their potential and development. Staff meet each week  and are given time to collaborate, research and reflect to provide a high quality curriculum for your child.

The Curriculum is driven by the strengths, needs and interests of each child. Educators are involved in a continual process of observing and listening to your child, recording and documenting their observations, collaborating with other educators, reflecting and evaluating and planning the curriculum to meet your child’s developmental needs and interests.

Creating Life Long Learners &  Transition to School

We support all areas of the curriculum through the educational, play-based program. Foundations for literacy and numeracy and other pre academic skills are learnt both in the context of play and through responsive and intentional teaching. In practice, this means that rather than “teach” the alphabet, or “practice” counting or implement off the shelf reading/phonics programs. We instead look for opportunities to engage with children about text and meaning, language, rhyming, ordering, counting, number and letter recognition, matching, spatial awareness (for example) in  a natural play based context. 

Our program aims to equip children for a positive transition to school. We pay attention to research that suggests that emotional and social preparedness are key drivers in terms of being ready for school. Further, the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia remind us to focus on a child’s “being” as well as a child’s “becoming”. That is, recognition of the here and now as well as future development and transitions.

We have a highly-qualified team of educators to provide a stimulating, caring environment full of provocations that encourage deep thinking and collaborative problem solving.

Michelle Doran

With over 25 years of early childhood teaching experience, in both Preschool and Primary School , Owner and Director Michelle Doran’s deep passion for children’s growth and love for learning are the cornerstones of Turner Road Preschool’s nurturing environment. Her extensive expertise has been instrumental in shaping the school’s vision, fostering a safe and inspiring space where children explore, question, and thrive.

Michelle’s genuine enthusiasm for learning and commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience establish Turner Road Preschool as a place where young minds flourish and creativity abounds. Under her leadership, Turner Road Preschool inspires the next generation of curious, compassionate, and lifelong learners.